Property consulting services

Our property consultants provide you with service in connection with the letting and selling of business, logistics, production, and storage facilities across Finland. We offer consulting services for the sales of zoned sites intended for the construction of residential and business properties. In addition, we also provide town planning consultation regarding the development of various estates and buildings.

Our basic services include, in the case of property sales, price determination, and in the case of property letting, the determination of the rent level. We can also take care of demonstrations, brochures, advertising and other marketing activity, and the drawing up of the deed or lease. Our property consulting services include everything you need in connection with the selling or letting of a property or other business facility.

In connection with property valuations, our collaboration company, which is an expert in the field, can provide you with services for determining the market value of residential properties, business premises, and estates no matter how challenging they may be. We can also determine the value and rent level of various properties and provide site and portfolio analyses, cash flow forecasts, profitability calculations, and investment analyses, if necessary.


Our group companies also provide services regarding property development, architectural design, and town planning via a separate collaboration company specialised in land use and construction. Our personnel are experts in trading venue, business facility and shopping centre consulting, and they have provided business property consulting for almost all the major retail chains in Finland. In addition, our personnel has carried out, with our collaboration partners, several regionally significant shopping centres, Kodin Keskus and other retail park projects, as well as various other trading venue, business property, and hotel projects across Finland. Even now, we are in the process of implementing several such projects together with our collaboration partners.

We also offer business facility consulting for forwarding, transport, and logistics companies as well as industrial enterprises. We are currently, and have previously been, involved in the development of several significant logistics projects across Finland, and our largest individual projects have been approximately 75,000 m2 in size.

We also offer our services for investor transactions. We are in direct contact with almost 100 different foreign and all major Finnish investor bodies. In addition, we collaborate actively with two foreign property funds investing in Finnish entities. When you want to sell an individual property or a larger portfolio, we, as your consultant, will put your sales items out to tender and guarantee you the best possible sales result.

Whether you are purchasing, selling or letting a property or business facility, NordPoint Group Oy and its collaboration network assist you with all related needs, find you the premises you require, or provide you with comprehensive consulting services regarding the sales or letting of your redundant facilities anywhere in Finland!