Corporate restructuring

Our corporate restructuring unit is responsible for acquisitions, management consulting and different capital investment schemes for companies and industry arrangements. We are an independent domestic consultancy of corporate restructuring and work in cooperation with some domestic and foreign capital investors who focus on the ownership and active development of small and medium-sized domestic companies from different industries. We work closely with the management of companies that are for sale or involved in corporate restructuring, or companies that are the target of capital investment. In this way we create enduring and long-term added value through development and expansion in cooperation with capital investors and financial sponsors. An investor network consisting of private domestic investors also works through us. Its members vary depending on a company's size and domain, or the scope of any corporate restructuring.

We provide consulting to our customers in all instances of acquisition and corporate restructuring and in issues arising in all sub-areas, such as a company's price setting or authority issues. We take care of the due diligence process. We create a comprehensive summary of the object of sale and acquisition. The survey covers all the necessary facts that are required when deciding upon a carefully prepared acquisition or corporate restructuring.

In our cooperation network we always have access to such elements as lawyers specialised in acquisitions and taxation, and a group of professionals in financial management, taxation, accounting and auditing.

As mentioned above, our services include all sub-areas of company acquisitions: providing consulting for buyers and sellers, various analyses, estimates of prices and objects, funding and tax-related consulting, business development and planning, drawing up of contracts and, naturally, practical implementation of the entire acquisition and corporate restructuring right through to marketing.

Our staff consists of experienced specialists, most of them with an academic degree, and everyone with in-depth experience of corporate management and/or experience as an entrepreneur. Because of their extensive experience and educational background, our staff is able to manage a diverse range of issues related to acquisitions and the parties belonging to our cooperation network will back up the team with their own area of expertise. Indeed, one of our key strengths is our network of cooperation consisting of many specialist parties.

We offer independent corporate finance consulting nationwide. Our independence from sources of finance guarantees you objective consulting in all corporate restructuring.