About us

NordPoint Group Oy is an independent private company that offers property and consulting services. We are part of the Estonian NordPoint Development Oü Group and the body of undertakings. The total turnover of NordPoint Development Oü and stakeholder companies is over 15 million euros.

Our main line of business is property development and consulting, but we also operate in construction consulting, housing services, corporate restructuring, and corporate consulting. Trading venue, business facility, and shopping centre consulting also constitute an integral part of our business operations. In addition, we are also specialised in the consultation and realisation of the business facility needs of forwarding, transport, and logistics companies. We act as a national consultant in conjunction with construction and sales of various housing portfolios and entire ARAVA-subsidised and investment blocks of flats. At the national level, we offer property consulting services and specialist services related to land use and construction.  We operate nationally across Finland.

NordPoint Group Oy employs approximately 8–10 persons, and our entire personnel has extensive experience in the property and construction sector. The turnover of the company is approximately two million euros, but we are seeking growth and aiming at a turnover of five to seven million euros in 2018 and 2019. Our growth is based on the property development projects we implement in collaboration with our stakeholders.

Our strengths and competence at the national level are reflected particularly in the fact that our personnel and teams are very familiar with the market situation in the entire country and, as a result, in all Finnish municipalities and regions. As was mentioned earlier, we operate across Finland. The members of our team who are responsible for client communications are in constant contact with all the key property owners, retail chains looking for business premises, and the 1,000 to 2,000 largest and most significant companies in Finland whose business facility needs we are constantly monitoring. This is only one of the ways in which we are directly connected with the Finnish property market. We are actively monitoring and staying in contact with Finnish and foreign entities investing in properties. In addition, when it comes to investor transactions, we are also ‘up to speed’ with the latest developments on the Finnish property market. If you are looking for a purchaser or an investor for your property or property development project, thanks to our significant regional activity, our extensive regional and local investor network is at your disposal in addition to the major national institutional investors. Whether you are looking for an investor or something to invest in, our services are available across Finland. We strive to ensure that, as our client, you can get all property sector services from the same provider, i.e., from us at NordPoint Group.

Due to the 20–30 years of experience gained in key management positions in the property, construction, and business sectors and the significant business facility projects carried out by our key personnel in the fields of property and business facility consulting, property development, and construction, our personnel and collaboration partners can provide you with strong competence and a sufficient reference base for ensuring the success of your project.

We welcome you as a client. We believe that you will be pleased with your choice of selecting our professional organisation as the one to tend to your property and business facility needs. Our competence is the result of hard work and success. We wish to emphasise the fact that our active field work and fearless attitude towards even the most challenging properties bring about the best results.